Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.

Mr. Nirav S. Dhameliya

Our Vision

To Become The No. 1 Technology Company in India Providing Innovative Solution to Medical, Defense, Electronic and Automobile Industries & Become a Billion $ Company in 2031.

Our Mission

To Make Life Better Through Innovation

Continue Improvement, Quest to Learn, Determination to Purpose, Service Excellence & Customer Satisfaction.

Our Mission is to expand and recognize ourselves as one of the most trusted organizations in terms of world class machinery, built quality, product reliability, management systems and products which are proudly and totally crafted in India. At Aaditya, we believe that our success will best reflect by the level of customer satisfaction, our aim is to conduct business with integrity and ethics which


Aaditya-LED is an innovative, leading Indian Company operating in the development and manufacture of LED lighting in Western Region of the country. Founded back in 2014, "Aadiya" is not only active in general lighting sector but has already specialized exclusively in LED technology since 2016. AADITYA LED has been conceived about 4 years ago and has since been laboriously established as an outstanding choice for customized lighting solutions. Aaditya is one of the pioneers of the LED lighting industry of Gujarat. We combine experience, accuracy, technological progress and constant quality control in accordance with the latest standards to offer innovative and high-quality products at an excellent price and quality level.

Our high quality LED luminary, controls and components are offered under the well-known brand Aaditya LED. The product range includes a wide range of LED Tube lights, Street lights, home automation systems, interior lighting and exterior lighting for commercial and industrial buildings, retail, hotels, restaurants, etc. Our extensive range of products, fast delivery times, outstanding price-performance ratio and option of manufacturing and packaging according to your requirements make us your ideal partner.

We believe in constantly innovating the abundant experiences we can provide our customers. We persevere to adopt transforming technologies to make our products more efficient, enduring and smarter to respond to natural as well as artificial impulses.

We professionally specialize in handcrafting our products with customizable features and dimensions and giving personalized attention to all our customers by providing expert services that cannot be bought.

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